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Kathy is your nutrition expert to help

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Do you have a plant-based organic or natural brand? Are you looking for an expert to provide your important health messages to consumers and other health professionals about your products? Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kathy Siegel is a driven brand marketing and communication innovator with over two decades of experience in the food and nutrition industry. Kathy works with health companies and food commodity boards, providing health marketing and communication campaigns. Kathy helps elevate your brand!

Plant-Based Nutrition Expert

Kathy attends and presents at leadership summits, conferences, and trade shows annually, including the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Menus of Change, National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS), Natural Products Expo West, Natural Product Expo East, and the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE). As a leader in the health industry, Kathy has established a strong relationship with the media, foodservice establishments, and health influencers who will help share your important health messages.

Marketing with Integrity

Kathy is a trusted resource for marketing your plant-based products. She values working with brands that support eating plants for optimal health. Kathy only aligns with companies and commodity boards she believes in, plant-based products she enjoys herself and shares with others.

Work With Kathy

Plant-Based Content Creation:

  • >> Engaging reels, stories and carousal feed posts with product shoutouts or dedicated videos
  • >> Original recipe development with nutritional analysis for social media and website
  • >> Copywriting – quotes, blogs, posts, website copy, and email marketing

    Plant-Based Nutrition Consulting:

    • >> Product development, nutritional analysis, and reformulation
    • >> Product health messaging

    Plant-based Events:

    • >> Media events to endorse and promote your products
    • >> Corporate events to encourage plant-based nutrition and highlight your products

      Kathy’s Plantricious Partnership

      Not all plant-based foods are created equal! Claims such as vegan, vegetarian and plant-based are presumed healthy, but that’s not necessarily true. These foods can be high in added sugars, sodium and calories, as well as preservatives and artificial ingredients.

      To remove the guess work out of plant-based eating for health, Plantricious partnered with the nation’s leading health experts, to create the guidelines for the Plantricious certification. Their Plantricious seals enable consumers to easily and confidently choose the nutrient-dense, fiber-filled, health-promoting plant-based foods their doctors are prescribing.

      Plantricious is the ONLY certification for plant-nutritious products in the organic and natural products industry. Kathy is thrilled to be a part of the nation’s healthcare experts leading the food as medicine movement, to specifically differentiate the plant-nutritious foods they are prescribing, from the rest.

      Brands Kathy’s Worked With

      Kathy’s Bio

      Kathy Siegel, MS, RDN, CDN is a registered and certified dietitian nutritionist and lifestyle wellness expert who promotes a whole-food, predominantly plant-based eating pattern for optimal health. She has over two decades of expertise working as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in wellness, integrative nutrition, culinary nutrition, and health marketing communication. Kathy is the author of The Eating Clean Vegetarian Cookbook (Rockridge Press 2021) and The 30-Minute Clean Eating Cookbook (Rockridge Press 2020). She is the founder and director of Kathy Siegel Nutrition, where she works with health brands, food commodity boards, and organizations, creating and directing health campaigns and wellness initiatives. In addition to her nutrition expertise, Kathy received a Master of Science degree in Health Communication from Boston University. She also acts as a freelance nutrition and health writer, as well as a spokesperson. Kathy’s expertise has been included in publications and media, including The New York Post, TODAY, NBC, Food Network, U.S. News & World Report, Livestrong, The Independent, and Readers Digest.